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Asare Luke Cobblah

Raised in Sedalia, MO, Asare “Luke” Cobblah is one half of the dynamic duo that started 9th Planet Gaming in the Fall of 2011. He was the brains behind 9PG’s first release AfPRO. He enjoys game design, programming, and creating music. He also raps on the side under the moniker “Downloadable Content.” All games spearheaded by him so far have used his music. Luke is currently a computer engineering major at the University of Missouri.

Nicholas Cappo

From Greenwood, MO, Nick Cappo, or “Cappo” as his friends call him, is the other founding half of 9PG. Excitable, child-like, and fiercely dedicated to his work, Nick came into the company with some prior game making experience, due to long hours put into games he made with his cousin, particularly his brain-child, Telestria. He spends most of his free time on tumblr and is a savant pianist.

Steffano Chavez

Business expert, and good friend of the founders, Steffano Chavez was soon added to the team at 9PG, originally for his financial expertise, but he soon became involved in game development as well. Tech savvy and versatile, Steffano has proven to be a strong team member working on a variety of projects and is readily available to bounce ideas off of. He enjoys the finer things in life, and is known widely for his freestyle rapping abilities.

Lucia Lee

Originally hired as an intern, Lucia immediately proved her worth to the 9PGteam. She came in with plenty of ideas, and soon became involved in making those dreams reality. Responsible for the logo along with most of the 9th Planet Gaming artwork, Lucia is an excellent artist. Although she lives far away from the main 9PG office, she is still a constant contributor, and head of 9th Planet Gaming’s Ohio branch.

Ree Schilling

The newest member of the 9th Planet Gaming community, Ree “the Rooster” Schilling had a tough time growing up in the dark scary pit of the greater St. Louis area known fondly as “The Struggle.” Ree put his artistic skills to good use at an early age, becoming a master at using PowerPoint to create art, which, as we all know, is soon going to surpass Photoshop as the most utilized computer drawing software. With his fervent love for programming, Ree is indubitably going to be an exquisite addition to the squad.

Meet the Team | 9th Planet Gaming

Evolution is the latest and greatest gave to be released by 9th Planet Gaming. Danger is always lurking and as the creator of your very own creature, you must have to do what it takes to evolve! 

Play the game and experience the fully customizable creature and join the ranks of Team Evolve by sending a snapshot of your little lovely to!

Hello! We are 9th Planet Gaming, an independent development team comprised of college students trying to make some great, fun games! 

Our website is 

You can find information about the team, and our previously released games there which include:

  • AfPRO!
  • Telestria
  • Inertia
  • Evolution
  • The Happy Birthday Game
  • Mage Quest
A nice collection of games for only 1 year of working together and hopefully many more to come.
We currently are in the middle of two set projects, GoldRush 3012 and Telestria: Space Wars which should be out later this year. This blog will have posts that will go into detail of those later.
Welcome to the 9th Planet!
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